Simon Petty has led a circuitous life as a songwriter and singer of songs, settling in Los Angeles at the turn of the century. Originally from the UK, he arrived with his band Minibar to make their debut record with legendary producer T Bone Burnett, and somehow never left, continually touring the contiguous United States with Pete Yorn, The Wallflowers and Crowded House, among many more.

Following three albums with the band, he recorded a solo LP in deepest Texas called The Sea, The Sea, under the moniker Solomon’s Seal. It was produced by Seth Rothschild of Gingersol, a creatively fruitful partnership that they revisited on their joint release Recovery Time in 2018. In between, he recorded The Sad Carousel in a makeshift studio in Joshua Tree with Darrin Tehrani at the production helm.

These days, he is happy to co-pilot the acoustic duo Petty Chavez with his partner in all things, Celia Chavez. They met backstage at a David Bowie tribute gig in 2013 and having been singing and songwriting together ever since. They live with their small dog Chester in west Los Angeles.